Seasonal Skincare Fall/Winter Edition

What are your favorite skincare products during the colder seasons?

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The change from Summer to Fall happened overnight for my skin. I started to feel dehydrated, tighter and drier once the leaves fell from the trees. My skin type is combination, oily t-zone, sensitive, and acne prone.  In order to keep my skin balanced throughout all seasons, I have to rotate my products like I rotate my wardrobe. Keep reading to find out what products I’ve been using, enjoying and loving.

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Welcome to my first blog post. The best way to introduce my blog is through my love for all things K-beauty.  I’ve been a silent observer of beauty and K-beauty for a few years now. This year I decided to start reviewing K-beauty products on my Instagram account.  I enjoyed it a lot but felt disorganized at times. Then I decided to add a FaceBook page called “Song”. On my FB page, I share my Instagram reviews, interact with my followers through polls and host giveaways but I still felt limited. I couldn’t organize or produce content thoroughly and that’s when the idea of a blog came around again. I say again, because when I initially wanted to do reviews of K-beauty products I wanted to do a blog format but never got around to it. Mainly because Instagram is so accessible, so fast-paced, and great for brief bullet point reviews. Don’t get me wrong I love how easy it is to scroll through for reviews and newly launched products from brands. But… it’s overwhelming. There are so many products and new ones launching all the time which can be overwhelming even for a skincare addict and beauty obsessed person like me.

My goal is to have a blog that is insightful. I want to be able to share K-beauty in a more organized manner. I want to compare products & brands, discuss in depth routines, and track my skin health.  Although I can’t provide licensed professional expertise I hope to be able to provide professional personal experiences. Enjoy!

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